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Red Ice TV | We might lose this channel. MSM wants our channel gone!

Red Ice was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by Henrik Palmgren in 2003. We reach hundreds of thousands of people each month, over 1 million views monthly on our YouTube channel alone. We offer an alternative to the lies & fake news of the mainstream media. We cover politics, the culture war, entertainment & current issues from a pro-European perspective.

We produce videos, reports, TV shows & live streams. Red Ice is hosted by Henrik Palmgren & 3Fourteen's Lana Lokteff. We also produce Weekend Warrior, an exclusive TV show for subscribers. Additional segments: Wolf Age, Seeking Insight, The Blonde Butter Maker, Impivaara & Vaterland Report.

We are truly independent alt-media, supported by our members and free from ads & corporate...


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Red Ice TV

Published Sep 12, 2019


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Red Ice TV

Published Aug 21, 2019