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The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Dec 22, 2012


Oh man, a brown person with opinions about race! I bet he really doesn't like his privilege pointed out to him. OOOOH look at how mad it makes him!

Sure, he doesn't dislike all white people, only the ones who don't bend over and spread their cheeks. He likes uncle tom whites. And nothing gets his hate flowing more than a proud white person.

And angry brown man who just spews hate, insults and bogus arguments with no evidence.

And hilariously, he believes that these very traits are the most common in white people. Yes, the race responsible for the abolition of slavery worldwide, who introducted the ideas of individual rights, universal values and universally consistent law, whose rise to power brought the world out of the prior ages of endless tribal and religious wars. The only people ever known to voluntarily give up power in South Africa and Zimbabwe, to voluntarily (while still majorities) to give non-europeans legal advantages in historically white countries like France and Britain.

Oh yes, when looking for racial hatred, THESE are the people you should be looking at. Not african countries, which are starting to adopt the black triangle on their flags to signify their racial loyalty. Not african politicians who openly proclaim that they want black countries, black cities, by and for blacks.

Genetic Structure, Self-Identified Race/Ethnicity, and Confounding in Case-Control Association Studies:

Larger Genetic Differences Within Africans Than Between Africans and Eurasians:

- I love how mister hoodie, insteading of just giving the title of the article so we could all see it, chose to give the issue and volume number instead of this same source, as if he reads these journals regularly or something. What a poser.

Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests: Is It Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?:

- Hosted by a WN blog, which some doofi will say makes the source biased, but first off, an anti-WN blog has a bias as well, and second off, he's just reposting an article which was published in the journal to that people could see it would a dumb paywall.

Political Views by race and gender group:

Index of Economic Freedom:

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