Race and Religion tools to make poor people in-fight


Ryan Dawson


Published on Apr 11, 2013

I didn't dismiss it. I just pointed out that in any country it's the poor who are in jail even when everyone is of the same race. I don't think that is some wild or radical stance. It's just a common sense thing to say. What is your grand counter point to that if it is so obvious that it is white racism and not classism that puts poor people in jail then how is that explained away? I its not extreme much less right wing either to say people in jail broke the law. The judicial system is far from perfect but it not at the point yet where people are just put in jail for no reason. There are stupid reasons for sure like most drug crimes but that still does require breaking the law. Do you seriously think people are just scooped up in vans and thrown in jail for no reason?

You gave the statistic the people of different races who commit the same crime dont serve the same amount of time but again does that take in account their income? No it doesn't it ignores it. Would a rich black kid do more time than a poor white kid who did the same crime? No they don't. The reason people doing the same crimes get different sentences rest on how much money they put into the system. If Daddy has a nice lawyer they stay out of jail unless they murdered someone or something and still they avoid the death penalty. But if you want to believe in racism then you can ignore that. I'm not ignoring any facts, thus I'm not the one dismissing anything. If its going to be an emotionally charged issue for you and you can't speak rationally about it without labeling and name calling that's your own fault. It should not be frustrating to have someone disagree with your belief based on statistics when you are ignoring other factors and they are not. Some people are racist in particular cops. But there are other factors too there is a pervasive prejudice towards youth, and also the poor. And that is who is landing in jail and not just because of that, they do have to break the law. Fame is other prejudice celebrities get away with multiple counts on crimes that other people would be in jail for in two seconds, but again how much if that for being famous and how much it is for having lots of money? Doesn't matter if it is O.J Simpson or Lindsey Lohan they can stay out of jail, although I believe if she killed two people even she would go to jail.

There is no white solidarity to put minorities in jail. White people by and large are not racist many of them are hyperly anti-racist. Whites being racist is the most taboo form of racism as well. Other groups openly can hate on them, anyone can negatively stereotype a white southerner for example and get away with it. You can have Jewish groups and black groups but if white people did the same thing they would be considered racism even if they were not. You know collectively accusing an entire race of racism is itself racism. I know you're done with this topic I also know that the real reason is you dont have a good response to the money question anyway and best you're going to do is either avoid the subject or call me names. It's you who is not being open. You want there to be racism. You can't handel it being about money because it takes away from what is psychologically gratifying to your world view. Also saying things like "model minority" implies that it is abnormal for a minority group to make it. It isn't. What is abnormal for any person is to be dirt poor. The poorest group and largest recipient of welfare by the way is single white women.

I'm not sure what your problem with capitalism is. Prisons are run by the state. Thus its not capitalism its the state making profits. That's the whole reason cars can go 100 miles an hour when the speed limit it at max 65. They want you to break the law that's how they make money. Government is the problem. Government is the bigger killer, theft, and criminal the world has even known. Communist and Theocrracies and Monarchies and Democracies it doesn't matter all of them can kill millions of people. What matters in the cultural values (or lack of) of the people and the level of their technology the higher one always eats the smaller ones. It's been that way since ancient times. Capitalism is a form of economics not government. As soon as government and capitalism merge its not capitalism its fascism. There are any actual communist or capitalist societies a present its an aim but its also academic bullshit that doesn't apply to the actual world which has mixed systems