Dr Naomi Wolf and Dr Vatsal Thakkar Discuss The Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency and Covid-19


Daily Clout


Published on Feb 2, 2021

Dr Vatsal Thakkar, formerly of NYU and Vanderbilt, sounds the alarm on the fact that Vit D saves lives re COVID-19.

He and 200 other doctors have written an open letter about the importance of Vitamin D in this public health emergency, and have begun a campaign, "Vitamin D for All." He shares eye-opening peer-reviewed studies about the role of Vitamin D deficiency in addressing novel COVID fatalities.
He co-authored a piece in MedPage Today titled "Don't Let Your COVID Patients Die of Vitamin D Deficiency." He says that there are over 50 studies showing that intervention helps directly with protecting against COVID infection to start with -- JAMA says this is on the order of by 70% -- but that if you do end up in the hospital, heaven forbid, Vitamin D supplementation can help with cytokine storms, and even with fatalities. An absolute MUST-WATCH; and we hope this will be watched by those in the health care professions. Dr Thakkar also addresses how current guidance, in some countries enforced by law, of keeping people indoors and inactive, is driving people to be at greater risk from COVID-19, as lack of sunlight lowers Vit D levels. There is a correlation, he argues, based on these studies, between low levels of Vit D and positivity for COVID-19. These peer-reviewed conclusions of both correlational and interventional data about Vit D helping to prevent COVID-19 infection or helping people to get better once hospitalized with COVID-19, should be debated as front page news everywhere in this pandemic.