?? The 152 billion extortion scheme: Iran, Obama, Biden and Seal Team 6: Whistleblower comes forward


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Published on Oct 11, 2020

Disclaimer: not independently verified
Whistleblower evidence: The 152 billion extortion scheme

My name is Allan Parrot I was a falconer for arab political leaders. I caught falcon smugglers in the former soviet union. Well…I have to say that our military are so well trained, their work is compartmentalised.,.. the only people that understand the full story is those people at the top. They have made some very bad decisions for this country and for former navy seal Ty woods and his brethren which perished unnecessarily at the hands of Hillary Clinton… and this includes Joe Biden and Joe Biden. The gestation was in the 1970’s when an alternate CIA club was created called the Safari club. Osama Bin Ladin was one of the recipients of the funding from this club. One week before Osama was killed I was called down to the Senate Intelligence Committee to give evidence. I have a few tape recordings of senior members who were aware of Bin Ladin’s house arrest for 10 years following Tora Bora. This was arranged by John Brennan. This was why Gary Burnson was not allowed to kill Osama Bin Ladin in Tora Bora when he was only a few hundred meters away. This was because John Brennan had made plans to extract him from Tora Bora to Iran. He was with more than 100 Al Qaeda leaders. So you are saying the American government knew there was no reason to invade Afghanistan to get Bin Ladin given that the US government was protecting his life. I have to say it was rogue elements within the government controlled by John Brennan, Richard Clark, Joe Biden… and others. They started with good intentions. The Safari Club was begun to stop the expansion of the USSR. But became a distorted operation and Osama was the figurehead of this organisation and so they had to protect them. My team was going to catch Bin Ladin in Iran while he was falconer hunting because I spent 20 years with Arab political leaders, with falcons, in camps and hunting with them. We were going to get Bin Ladin but within minutes of ascending to the role of CIA director Leon Panetta first act in office was to cancel the Rigor Program. A covert Rigor Program to kill Bin Ladin in Iran and it was 6 months after Obama became president. When we were ignored and threatened by CIA officials… we had passports, visas, and had IRanina Revolutionary Guards as our bodyguards. We were shut down and I began negotiating with Iran to transfer Bin Ladin into a neutral zone. Iran is on tape agreeing to this. It took my three years to organise this. It turned out that Iran had already moved OSama to Islamabad Pakistan in August 2010. He was transferred there because Iran wanted to stop harbouring a terrorist which may cause backlash from the Americans. Iran had no choice when Hillary asked for his transfer to Pakistan. Hillary knew that Iran was happy to give over Osama to America but Hillary decided to use him as a trophy kill. He was held there in a guided cage waiting to be killed. But the Iranians then moved Osama out of there at the 11th hour before the Seal Team 6 kill mission came in. The Seal Team 6 then killed the body double and not Osama. Obama did not want to authorise the kill mission but was threatened by Hillary and Panetta to expose him politically. He then authorised it. The agent provocateur were Hillary CLinton, John Brennan and Joe Biden.
Seal Team 6 killed Osama Biden’s double. When the Seal Team worked this out they threw his body parts out of the helicopter over the mountains. He was not buried in the ocean. The double could not handle the DNA testing and therefore he was disposed of. John Brennan lied about the burial at sea saying it was because he was Muslim. This is actually forbidden in Islam… and a lie.
Then communication from Iran to Obama… we have our neck in a noose we want 152 billion dollars for keeping quiet. Bin Ladin paid by the blood of seal team 6 when he had them killed. I have the documents to prove this and will be happy to present in to the administration.