Black Lightning Takes on: "Evolution in Humans"?


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Sep 19, 2017

DeviantArt has made 4 hours and 34 minutes of video to me. I decided to make a response.

Response to:

Existence of Race:

Regression toward the Mean:

Heritability of IQ:

Wikipedia cites studies that don't correct for test-retest unreliability, once that's corrected for it's around 0.81, not 0.75

Piffer Found Some Genes:

Sex Differences in Intelligence:

Sub-Saharan African IQ, looking at Lynn vs. Wicherts:

Brazilian Paper. Denies Race, whatever, but shows that geneticists, anthropologists and the general public use the same race terms as you and I, not the retard-categories race deniers think they use:

Yes, like all race denier papers, they talk about race and the genetic delineations of it before saying it doesn't exist.

Just go here, I can't be arsed to find cobble together all the sources I used in this video:

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