The Viet Cong | Guerrilla Tactics & Techniques (1965 Reports & Propaganda)


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Published on Feb 25, 2019

This is two old news reports from the mid 60s about how the Viet Cong operated during America's war in Vietnam. The Viet Cong existed prior to America's invasion, though known as the Viet Minh who waged a war against French colonial aspirations in Vietnam since in the late 1800s and ended in the Indo-China Wars. During World War 2 the Japanese who took control of Vietnam from the French. When the Japanese were defeated the French returned with support from the USA to reclaim a part of their lost empire, but were defeated 8 years later in 1954. The Vietnamese had alot of experience in guerrilla warfare long before the USA took the reigns in 1955 when they began supporting the Diem government of South Vietnam, and soon sent in the US military. Again the Vietnamese used guerrilla warfare against superior forces and went on to win the war in 1975 and unified the country.