Iraqi TV Report on Alleged U.S. Intelligence Plot to Disrupt Upcoming Pilgrimage by Sowing Division




Published on Sep 17, 2018

On September 13, Iraq's Al-Nujabaa TV channel claimed that leaks from the U.S. Embassy in Iraq have revealed a plot by U.S. intelligence and Gulf states to "generate strife and sow division" between Iraqis and Iranians during the month of Muharram and the upcoming Arba'een pilgrimage. According to the report, the alleged plot was intended to cause a rift in Iraqi-Iranian relations, and would include the use of undercover agents who would "chant hateful slogans" while other agents film them and upload the videos to the Internet. Iraqi cleric Sheikh 'Adel Al-Kar'awi, who was interviewed in the report, said that the plot would also include "the sexual harassment of women by men, and vice versa."