Red Ice Radio - Ole Dammegard - Hour 1 - Templates of False Flag Operations: Paris & Copenhagen


Red Ice TV


Published on Mar 18, 2015
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Ole Dammegard, is an author, investigator, former journalist, and the creator of the website Light On Conspiracies. Ole returns to the program to discuss the recent events in Paris and Copenhagen, along with the patterns of many other false flag operations and how they tie together. Ole begins by breaking down the themes and elements of major false flags operations and the reasons why the Global Elites are using this mechanism to create chaos, instill fear and take control. We'll look at the tactics of these high level, hidden criminals and who could be benefitting from these sinister plots. Ole explains the components of filmmaking and how to decipher the telltale signs of the propaganda machine working behind the scenes of the corrupt events we're seeing take place across the globe. Then, he takes us step by step through the recent shooting events in Paris, pointing out unmistakable clues of staged scenes. We talk about the media's use of repeating and looping to pump the details of these 'attacks' into our subconscious as a means for conditioning the acceptance and even the desire for a more controlled, policed, militarized and surveilled world. In the members' hour, Ole draws a clear analysis of the latest false flag event in Copenhagen, highlights clues of an impending 'event' that were placed in plain sight, and makes comparisons of the logistical pieces of the puzzle that have been echoed in similar past events. We'll look at the many identical elements that show up in these very connected events. We conclude by exploring how we can take our power back as a united, sovereign human race by becoming more aware of and alert to these trends. We discuss what can be done to disrupt the important timelines of these highly orchestrated crimes to derail these evil games and bring peace and healing to our war torn world.