Johannus Boots & Amanda Newell - The Story of a Canadian Fine Artist vs. The Corporation of Canada


Red Ice TV


Published on Jun 16, 2015

Johannus Boots is a fine artist who immigrated to Canada from Holland at the age of 10. His personal surrealist style reflects his love and respect for the abundant beauty of nature in all its perfection and intricacy. A portion of his more recent work may also depict some of the tenuous morality and contradictions of society. Johannus joins us with his partner Amanda Newell to share the story of a RIDE check traffic stop in 2013 that turned into a horrific, convoluted battle with Ontario Provincial Police and their judicial system. The two explain the peculiar manner in which they were stopped and approached by the police, the outright lies and coercion tactics that were used to brutishly wrangle Johannus into custody, and the despicable treatment he received while being processed through the system. Johannus and Amanda give details about their separate journeys of awakening to the deep corruption taking place under the registered crown corporation of Canada masked as its government, and they explain by what means their discoveries led them to major lifestyle changes. They relate how these life choices ultimately contributed to them being accused of association with the Freeman Society, resulting in a huge backlash of media attacks after the arrest, the defamation of Johannus’ career as a well-known artist, and the ruin of Amanda’s livelihood. Then, we discuss where Canada politics is heading with its new privacy act bill and recent involvement with the wars in Syria and Ukraine. We also touch on the odd trends of modern art, the indoctrination into the sham of a system that our educational system affords our youth, and the wonderful traditions and customs of our ancestors that are being diluted in the pot of monoculture.

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