Addressing All the Drama - Why the Carnivore Community is Over & people are leaving it!

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Published on Nov 22, 2020

The shills and gatekeepers will say it's 'infighting' but it never is. In flat earth and now here in carnivory, the controlled opposition flourish. I was naïve to think that shills were limited to the flat earth community but after years of experience dealing with all of the bullshit, I know that they are around almost every corner. Each 'community' is peppered with fakes there to data mine you or make you out to be something you aren't (but they are). In this video, I'm giving you the truth you need in order to decide if you want to make a youtube channel or if you want to make better decisions on who to actually watch while you are here. The turds rise to the top. You are an obligate carnivore no matter what channels succeed here. Earth is flat no matter what channels succeed here. No, I don't wanna be your fake friend. No, you can't come over and visit me. I'm always going to give it to my viewers straight but my borders ARE CLOSED!