Call With NSM LABS: George Floyd Toxicology Report


Maryam Henein


Published on Jun 9, 2020

Apparently, you can't find something if you don't look.

I started calling the Hennepin Medical Examiner on May 25th. On record, they told me a death certificate would take weeks and weeks. And that there was no official autopsy report, despite what CNN was reporting. With that said Hennepin County did publish three different iterations of an autopsy report from May 26th to June 3rd. On June 1st independent examiner renowned Michael Baden (Eric Garner, Epstein, JFK) also came out with an autopsy report. On the same day. Was the autopsy also conducted in MN? Why didn't Baden release any info on the substances MN state reported in his body. Why did he say he had no underlying health issues?
NSM conducted the toxicology report for MN State. The press person is unable to speak regarding specific cases like George Floyd. I have reached out to Hennepin County, To attorney Benjamin Crump. To the MN Police.

#Hennepin #MedicalExaminer found drugs in his body. #michaelbaden didn't mention any substances. Why? Apparently, you can't find something if you don't look.

Don't these details count?