China: Excited or should be embarrassed? The U.S. President tests positive | The USCIS new action


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Published on Oct 5, 2020

In China's tightly controlled speech environment, the thousands of gloating reactions on the Internet were allowed to be circulated, so it most likely has been tacitly approved or even encouraged by the Chinese authorities.
The U.S. president couple's infection will perhaps dispel a widespread rumor in China that it was the U.S. military who brought the virus to China by way of last October's Military World Games in Wuhan. Because there is a saying in Chinese popular culture that "the person who poisons usually has the antidote."

The U.S. House Republican China Task Force released a major report on October 1: "The US Must Act Decisively". The report directly states that the CCP, like the Soviet Union, will be a threat to the United States for generations to come. The report offers 430 policy recommendations on how the U.S. can better combat the threat of the CCP.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced on October 2 that applications based on the membership of or affiliated with of the Communist Party or other totalitarian political parties, will not be accepted.

The celebrations encouraged by the CCP seem premature. The festivities that have spread across mainland China can be expected to continue. But like many of the decisions Beijing has made in the past two years, the world can see that it is headed in the wrong direction, and the Chinese Communist Party is unaware of it.

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