Hamas Rep. in Lebanon Ali Baraka: Our Missiles Can Strike Anywhere in Israel




Published on Dec 3, 2018

During a November 23 interview on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq), Hamas's representative in Lebanon Ali Baraka said that Hamas has missiles that can strike anywhere in Israel, and that it is working to increase the missiles' range, accuracy, and destructive power. He said that Syria has not supported Hamas since 2011 and that he hopes that Iraq will support Hamas in the future. Baraka added that Hizbullah has been providing Hamas with logistical support, political aid, and expertise. He also explained that Iran's financial support is the "basis for the steadfastness of the resistance in Gaza," and that Iran was the only country that helped Hamas recover from the war in 2014. He also said that Hizbullah's willingness to fight Israel in the Galilee is an indication that it considers the liberation of Palestine to be a central cause.