'Prof Mark Crispin Miller Under Attack for Critical Thinking in the Classroom'


Daily Clout


Published on Mar 29, 2021

'Prof Mark Crispin Miller, distinguished NYU professor and author of prescient books on propaganda, voting and civil liberties such as Fooled Again, describes how his effort to get students in a propaganda class to think about COVID-related propaganda, resulted in a full on public assault on his reputation and academic future by both administration and colleagues. This is a chilling story of how open speech and critical thinking are being criminalized in the classroom, and the role of a 'Medical Consultant' on 'COVID' in the blacklisting of this respected professor is a feature that has also appeared in other reports of reputations smeared and institutions detailed or closed. An unmissable story of censorship and the destruction of academic freedom driven by pandemic hysteria and thought policing, and shadowy COVID 'advisors.'