Armed militant Black Bloc come to Vancouver




Published on Nov 30, 2020

***Just want to be clear the video is not super clear it was a tense stand off. The police are going to remaster zoom and break down the video there is enough evidence just from these clips to corroborate close to 70 witness statements. NO ANTIFA STREAMERS WERE THERE.

Antifa streamers are trying to make a narrative as to we blocked them and wouldn't let them leave. You can see the entire video on my DLive if you think I'm lying. Antifa has done this for 8 months twisting the narrative to make them look like victims so that patriots are portrayed as bad people...Well yesterday antifa was caught red handed for being bad people.
The man in the gray top with the AR at the ready towards the end was reported by me 2 hours prior I made police aware that this man was dangerous and he was raising his gun at trailing patriots for no reason. But as you may of guessed they did not show up until 50 minutes after the first phone call was made.

The man in question I am unaware of his name but he attempted to steal a Patriot womens phone then strangled her because she was taking pictures of license plates (which they always do to us). She was barely able to slip away by biting the mans arm in which he released her he then instantly raised his rifle and began to ADS patriots with barrel fully horizontal, at one point this man had the barrel of his rifle pushed into the stomach of a patriot rushing him with a shield.

He is very lucky he did not start a shootout this was a dangerous situation and they should not be able to call comrades from outside the states to come in and be "security" for "protestors". BLM was no where in site this was to provoke a response from patriots and thats exactly what they got. a swift deesclation by patriots unarming the man making him surrender!

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