Saudi Northern Thunder 350k Troop Build Up! -WW3 FEARED After Deployment to Syria


Critical Truth

Published on Feb 17, 2016

Saudi Arabia amasses a 350,000 army known as Northern Thunder. This Saudi alliance build up of troops has Iran and Russia worried. This troop massing is ready to be deployed to Syria, and is causing ww3 fears! Iran is warning Saudi Arabia not to deploy troops to Syria, and Russia has warned that Saudi deployments could lead to a new permanent world war, as Turkey, and Saudi gather mass armies ready for deployment.

Reports are coming in that Saudi is planning to start carrying out air strikes over Syria, with the US lead coalition from Incirlik Air Base. Proxy wars have evolved, the Sunni vs Shia war is starting to escalate. Tensions in the middle east and Syria have the US and Russia concerned over a new cold war/world war.

News, updates with sources below
Northern thunder, Saudi troop build up

Saudi, and turkey are ready to deploy troops to Syria

Iran warns Saudi Arabia against sending troops to Syria

Saudi fighter jets deployed to Turkey's Incirlik air base
Turkish official confirms aircraft have arrived in Turkey to target ISIS with air strikes, alongside the US lead collation.

Russian PM warns of world war if troops sent into Syria