Defending Jim Larkin's Statue from the new colonialism


AIM - Alternative Irish Media


Published on Jun 29, 2020

Jim Larkin's statue on O'Connell Street is one of the most iconic in the world. The Irish leader's charisma and dedication to human rights is unquestionable. Upon his example, and other Irish leaders worldwide, labour standards improved everywhere in the Anglophonic lands the Irish labourer - Paddy - settled. My grandfathers were both named Paddy, and my middle name is for them: Paddy O'Shea on my mother's side; and Paddy Keane on my father's. My father was a dockbuilder. My mother was a waitress at a firefighter restaurant for decades. As a student university leader, I defeated fee hikes & tuition rises for people of every background. From the Irish experience, I understand what Jim Larkin understood & what everyone on the Irish left should understand: "migration" is a euphemism for the new colonialism. "Open borders" is crossing the picket line, and immiserating Paddy on our own green shamrock shore - forcing us to compete for fewer seats at our own table. Give Ireland back to the Irish. Let the nations of the world be free of colonialism and of leftist/right-wing misunderstanding. There is a better common sense than the nauseating propaganda of mainstream culture.