Sgt Mario on the racial reductionism of economics by liberal dimwits


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jul 5, 2015

Welfare, Minimum wage, Vaccines, the Civil War, cops, affirmative action, it all gets tackled in this talk.

Since I know the Civil War is gonna be the hottest topic we touched on before you ask dumb questions because chances are they were answered here already

1 If there was a constitutional amendment forbidding interfering in slavery and the south STILL seceded then obviously slavery was NOT why they seceded. And there was. It was called the Corwin amendment 1861 which was introduced by the North New York and Ohio and passed by the congress. The South seceded anyway because that wasn't the reason why they sought independence. Also five slaves states stayed in the union.

2 That the statess with the largest armies VA and NC seceded after Lincoln made a naval blockade and the first shots were on a naval fort collecting taxes and the battle flag is from the flag for the army of Virginia (which was comprised as many or more North Carolinians as Virginians) and was the main military of the South hands down shows the flag was about the soldiers and southern culture which seceded because of the tax policies. If they wanted to keep slaves all they had to do was remain in the union like the other slave states which fought for the union. That people were racist meant nothing. That was how it was everywhere. Even blacks themselves considered themselves inferior.

America has never gone to war for moral reasons. The Civil War is no exception to American exceptionalism. It is amazing how facts prone Americans are when it comes to their own aggression. Understanding the Civil War could possibly pop the We Are Right (W.A.R.) bubble around modern Wars in particular for half the country.