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Published on Sep 4, 2020

Video is partially blocked in some contries, those affected are as follows; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & Israel. Thanks to Youtube, so.. Round of applause for them.
PLEASE USE THE LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO ON LBRY -!:c - This will give thier video the viewtime, bumping it up in the searches. Some may not be able to and this video is very obscure.. So here you are. Enjoy.
I saw this a few years ago but have not seen it pop up anywhere since then and only just came across it by chance last night. It was shared to twitter from a Flat Earther or a Flat Earth group or page or whatever.. Called, '@Flat Earth Effect', the Twitter post can be found here, The vid was uploaded to which is a video sharing site that I have been meaning to setup on for a while since I seen @Eric Dubay make a video about why everyone is leaving Youtube, and included I have just been too busy.
I have just made a new account for a new vvideo sharing site called 'Brand New Tube', link is below, but it will basically mirror this untill something is not allowed on Youtube and it will be on there along with Brighteon :) Thanks.

Please consider joining the ''FLAT OUT TRUTH'' Facebook group, it covers pretty much any topic you can think of. And I'm an admin there so let me know if you are having any trouble joining, i'll help you out.
Also, don't forget to have a look at our Brighteon channel for more vids Youtube wont allow, cheers :)


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Last YT channel, 'Think Again':- , that I got locked out of.


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