Are UFOs an Intelligence Psyop? - James Corbett's reddit AMA




Published on Nov 3, 2014

James answers the question:

"Do you think that some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories you see online (this subreddit included) about ancient cults, UFOs, the occult, and secret advanced technology actually do more to help the international banking cartel continue to perpetuate their financial schemes by deterring otherwise serious researchers from studying what is really hidden at the top of the financial "pyramid"?

Do you think that elements of the intelligence apparatus owned by this global banking monopoly are partially behind these outlandish theories? In the same way that the US gov't encourages people to believe there are UFOs at Area 51 to hide the real aircraft research that happens there, do secret online CIA trolls tell stories about the Illuminati and Zionists to hide more mundane crimes of greed and psychopathy?

As the international banking system is slowly being publicly revealed as the pyramid scheme that it is, how do you suggest people involved/employed within the establishment media (like myself) approach these subjects, while avoiding the psychological traps set in the minds of others by these ideas?"

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