Iranian Ayatollah: For Hidden Imam to Reappear We Must Engage in "Widespread Fighting" with West




Published on Aug 6, 2019

Iranian Assembly of Experts member Ayatollah Mohammad Mehdi Mirbagheri said in a July 31, 2019 interview on Ofogh TV that fighting in the cause of Allah is moral and that widespread fighting is a prerequisite for the emergence of the Hidden Imam. He said that negotiations that aim to bring about the triumph of Islamic civilization are good, and he explained that these negotiations ultimately turn into ultimatums. On the other hand, he said that negotiations for the purposes of cooperating with the society of the infidels are bad. Ayatollah Mirbagheri added that the Islamic revolution must continue because the conflict with the West is not over. He said: "We did not carry out a revolution in order to join the international community and accept liberal democracy… It has all been done in order to bring about the age of [the Hidden Imam's] reappearance."