Obaaama why does the "antiwar" left continue to make excuses for him?


Ryan Dawson


Published on Oct 16, 2009

My guess is that these people put so much into him during his election and they have so much ego invested in that, that they simply cannot admit to themselves that Obama is nothing they they thought he was. Doing this would mean they must admit they were wrong, and suckers, and pop their false hopes.

So instead of doing what's right they continue to do even more harm by sporting and making rationalizations for a prowar, zionist, tool. So like a religious brat, they just keep hoping. Obama works in mysterious ways. The worst thing is Obama didn't lie to them, they lied to themselves. He's always been prowar and a robinhood in reverse. He's always been a banker. But hey he's ablack guy and had a chance of winning, so that's all that mattered. He had to be a good guy right? Idiots.