Royal Gloucestershire Hospital Empty


Patrick Byrne


Published on Jan 1, 2020

(altCen Ed. note, creator arrested: Royal Gloucestershire Hospital Recorded 200 new patients being treated around the time of this filming. Do you see any evidence of this in the video?
The lady who filmed this was Arrested for public order offense.
She was reported by One of the new Nazi types. You know the ones, the ones with the same mentality of the 1930's Germany population who pointed out the Jews to be gassed.
Today they point out non mask wearers, and people who do not want to take an untested dangerous vaccine. Which even the State tells you it may not stop you catching or spreading the virus.
Why is it an offense to show people the truth?
What are people so scared of?
Why are the police being used to arrest people for honesty and using what used to be the right of freedom of speech.
People on the fence wake up choose your side hopefully it will be for the common man and his inalienable rights.