Hip Hop Dancer's Identity Crisis (Sep 3)




Published on Sep 3, 2017

(APOLOGIES ON ECHO!) We introduced the show and talked about how music influences people. Joel was perceived as "cool" or something because he danced to hip hop music. He realized some of the lyrics he was dancing to were dark and negative. He teaches kids dance and now he keeps the music and lyrics positive. We talked a little about taking too much pride and identity in success and what we do — taking it to heart when we lose or don't do well. A person watching online had a similar experience with martial arts and his students going through the same emotional and ego pain. We also touched on why people become serial killers, the influence of pornography, bad parents, hatred of Christianity. Joel confronted Esteban on his long workouts.

Live Sunday 9am-10am PT. Hosted by James Hake, Joel Dominick, and Esteban Ricaurte -


Executive Producer: Jesse Lee Peterson. http://jesseleepeterson.com

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