Fields is Guilty of Murder Because Terrorists tried to Kill Him & He Wanted to Survive!


David Duke


Published on Dec 7, 2018 Is the James Fields Trial in Charlottesville really Justice? An excerpt from a recent interview with David Duke by JF Gariepy on the Public about the James Field Trial in Charlottesville. The issue revolves around the right of the accused to be allowed to have his side of the story heard, and the right of you to hear both sides of any criminal case.
The tragic loss of life cannot be used as an excuse to ignore the basic principles of justice after you hear this interesting interview you will realize that James Fields has not been allowed to share the evidence of his innocence with the world!
It is a scary thing that Internet censorship does not prevent people from hearing this decent discussions of the criminal trial against James Fields. His life hangs in the balance, certainly everyone should have the right to hear reasoned views on both sides of this important case.
This is one huge trial you didn't get to see on TV because the fake news media were desperate to hide the facts that prove this trial to be the farce of century!