Joe Biden to be arrested? Military Intelligence?


Obscured Trends


Published on Jan 2, 2020

He receive a phone call last night from a current member involved in national security. This man told my friend last night that the justice department has the bank wires from China to Hunter Biden, and the Hunter Biden to Joe Biden. He said they have all the wires. These are the transfers Tony Bobulinski says exists. Yes. So this gentleman told my friend last that Mr Biden will not be sworn in as president and will be arrested. And that Biden is currently preparing to capitulate. Capitulate says I surrender. Think of the optics of that. Of him being handcuffed and put into prison with his son. Well they are going to make Kamala Harris President. NO they are not. The electoral college ratifies the president and not the Vice President. If Joe Biden before the electoral college then there is nobody to ratify other than Donald Trump. The VP is only ratified after the inauguration. We are in dangerous waters. This has never happened before. Does President Trump knows these things? I don’t know. My friend told a member of a family member of the Trump family. The family member did not know anything about this stuff is going on.