Minnesota Friday Sermon: "Loathsome" Secular Movement Wants to Turn Women into Merchandise




Published on Aug 20, 2019

Imam Farok Alsamarai said in an August 2, 2019 Friday sermon at the Al-Israa Mosque in Fridley, Minnesota that, for centuries, the "loathsome" secular movement has been calling upon people and Muslim society to "cut women off" from the laws of Allah so that it can turn women into merchandise and because it does not care about women's dignity or human rights. Saying that nude or dolled-up women have become a "trademark," Imam Alsamarai gave the examples of pictures of women in ads for car tires and on shampoo bottles, and claimed that many countries promote hotels by providing women to men seeking a night of debauchery. Imam Alsamarai said, conversely, that Islamic law gives women modesty, purity, moral values, characteristics, and dignity. Imam Alsamarai posted the sermon, titled "Oh Secularists, Have Mercy upon Women," to his YouTube channel.