Jordanian Prof: Tzipi Livni Had Rabbi's Permission to Serve Israel by Sleeping with Arab Leaders




Published on Oct 5, 2018

Professor Ahmad Nofal, who teaches Islamic law at the University of Jordan, said that former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni had admitted to having been "issued a religious ruling" by Israel's Chief Rabbi to "[serve] the State of Israel and the Lord" by having sex with Arab leaders. Saying that Livni had "been around the block," Nofal also said that Israeli journalist Tamar Golan had done these "acts of depravity" before Livni, and that she had been with Qadhafi, Al-Assad, and Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Professor Nofal added that the global superpowers, including Israel, America, and Europe, are "very interested" in spreading alcohol, drugs, adultery, and other forms of depravity in order to weaken and disintegrate Arab society. Nofal made his remarks on Jordan's Yarmouk TV on August 3, 2018.