Everything is Fine in Florida




Published on Aug 19, 2021

This photo was posted on Reddit on Thursday, claiming to show severely ill COVID patients lying on the ground at the Main Library waiting for monoclonal therapy.
A journalist reached out to city officials Thursday morning seeking validity of the image. Nikki Kimbleton, director of communications/public affairs for Jacksonville, sent the following statement:
"The volume of patients at this state operated facility more than doubled yesterday. There were wheelchairs on hand, but at the time these pictures were taken, all of the available wheelchairs were in use. In order to support the State of Florida in their efforts to provide this important treatment (that they’ve contracted out to CDR Maguire), JFRD and COJ are providing triple the number of wheelchairs, additional seating for those waiting in line and signage that directs patients to alert someone if they need any type of assistance."
The city later amended the statement, adding that “monoclonal antibody treatment is the key to alleviating stress on area hospitals” and thanked Gov. DeSantis for providing the treatment to Jacksonville residents.

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