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E. Michael Jones


Published on Jun 10, 2020

This rounds out a two-part series on the profound implications and global scope of Jones’ 800+ page Logos Rising: The History of Ultimate Reality. In the first episode, we covered from creation up to the Incarnation of the Logos Himself, Jesus Christ. The first episode is available here: https://youtu.be/dLXxkFLKz70

In Part Two, we hit the high spots from the early Church and St. Paul, up to the “death and burial’ of Thomism (the study and application of St. Thomas Aquinas to philosophical errors and other problems) in America at Notre Dame University.

In this episode you will learn
•Why St. Paul’s speech at the Areopagus in Acts 17 failed compared to his efforts in Corinth
•How the Logos was present, if simultaneously marred, in the rise of Islam
Vis a vis the Jews, how does Muslim rejection of Logos manifest itself
•The discovery of time by St. Augustine in the fourth century
•Why the Catholic Church strongly endorses the classical realism of Thomas Aquinas
•How Hegel’s thesis/antithesis/synthesis schema is a secular reaching out for both the Trinity and divine providence in history
•The difference between science and Science, Inc and why the latter is alleged to be superior to religion in grasping ultimate reality
•Why the future and well-being of the West depends upon its recovery of Logos

Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality is available here:

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