Former ISIS Member: After My Husband Died, the Emir Gave Me as a Gift to Various ISIS Members




Published on Dec 11, 2018

A former ISIS member by the name of Aya was interviewed on Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) on November 23, 2018. She said that when she arrived with her husband to Al-Raqqa, it was an Islamic state that had fatwas, slave girls, servant girls, and an emir. She said that she had joined the female police in order to avoid becoming a slave girl. When her husband died, she became the emir's fourth wife, and he later divorced her because she was suffering from sexual frigidity. She was then given as a gift to the emir's assistant, who used her only to satisfy his urges. When the emir's assistant died, she was given to another man, who would tie her up with ropes for a day or two. Aya finally found somebody who was willing to help her escape, and she said that she was willing to give him anything in return for his help, including her body. She said that she would have been willing to die in order to escape.