Youtube Busted Censoring


Ryan Dawson


Published on Aug 15, 2011

They will use whatever pretext they can combing over every tiny detail to censor a politically unwanted video by hounding on certain user's pages. But they let the same videos slide on unwatched pages.
A special note for GammaMachineMinder AKA communist curt who has made how many comments today? You got banned dumb ass because you were calling everyone Nazis and not replying at all to replies to your trash. you just got owned changed to a new subject and continued. That's why you got banned. People here can see you've said the same stupid shit over and over spaztically. All you want to do is try to bash my character, you have no argument for the holocaust and cut and pastes from apologist doesn't work. You think EVERYONE is an anti-semite and accused me of supporting Nazis. All your retarded posts are up in the stupid section. Make a video of your own. You won't because you're ashamed of yourself, and you can't really speak as all you ever do is cut and paste from other people or rant like a 12 year old. Go cry in the corner.