PELOSI'S PLOT to Destroy America, targets Trump.Migrant Blue voting districts/open borders


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Published on Jan 13, 2019

Non- Age Restricted Version - InspoNews 1st Amendment rights attacked - .free press & free speech of our media is in jeopardy (no longer shareable by You Tube) PELOSI'S PLOT to Destroy America-destroy Trump, migrant/blue voting blocks , unmitigated investigations of President Trump & his family. As House leader she will push to preserve Open Borders policy- put gun control laws on steroids. promote new hate crime laws restricting free speech etc.
Pelosi and Schumer have single handedly shutdown the US Government and put our nation at risk by continuing to allow into our country millions of unvetted illegal aliens certain to contain drug dealers, gang members, murderers rapists etc.

Nancy Pelosi is a left wing wrecking ball who would destroy this country's free and fair elections by allowing non- citizens to vote and by bringing in hordes of new "blue wave" voting blocks of people from Socialist central and South America & the Middle East.

She will do this for political purposes only and to augment the foreign voters already in colonised in the non-assimilated, all democrat - "Obama voting districts" such as the 13th district of Dearborn- Greater Detroit and the infamous Somali muslim enclave of the 5th Congressional district of Minnesota (greater Minneapolis-Saint Cloud . There are other "Obama voting districts" enclaves of violent Somalis the (Muslim Blue)

The 8 years Obama had to create liberal-socialista voting block districts of left wing foreigners in large urban areas like Chicago and NYC etc. has worked for the least mid-term. election.
Non-assimilating, divisive Muslim "blue wave" districts in cities like Detroit, Dearborn MI, Saint Cloud, Minneapolis etc. are dividing our cities, bringing in crime and dirty & littered metro areas.

These migrant sub cultural groups threaten our very Republic . Many are not skilled or English speaking - they are not able to participate in out civil discourse. They don't ascribe to our cohesive American Christian and traditional values.

As with Western Europe's failed multiculturalism experiment" most of these migrants are uncivil and hold to anti- Constitutional and anti- traditional American values and totalitarian ideals looking for government handouts etc.

Many of these migrants sadly came from nations and cultures that sadly abhor the idea of free enterprise, natus ( native democratic ideals) hard work, of self determination. They don't really want to become a melting pot as with our past immigrants who came here through Ellis Island LEGALLY.

All to often the migrants coming to America are coming here illegally. They are from cultures that often are against our primal ideals of freedom of speech, women's equality, freedom of Assembly, freedom of religion etc.
Such groups are inherently divisive- unlike the immigrants of our past who sought to assimilate and embrace and love our Flag, our anthem, or founding documents and our English language,

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