Iran Unveils Three New Locally-Made Guided Bombs Designed to Be Launched from Fighter Planes, Drones




Published on Aug 12, 2019

On August 6, 2019, Channel 4 TV (Iran) aired a report about three locally-made air-launched guided bombs that were unveiled by Iran's defense industries. The first bomb, Yasin, weighs 320 kilograms, has a 215-kilogram warhead, has collapsible wings, can operate in all weather conditions, and can reportedly glide up to 50 kilometers when launched from an altitude of 27,000 feet from a drone or fighter plane. The second bomb, Balaban, has collapsible wings, is designed to be launched from drones, and reportedly has a range of 25 kilometers. Finally, a new series of self-propelled Ghaem-generation bombs was unveiled. These bombs have a laser and infrared system and a range of 20-40 kilometers. They can be installed on drones like Shahed-129, Hamaseh, and Mohajer-6. The reporter explained that the design process of the bombs took approximately one year and that they will soon be delivered to the armed forces. The unveiling was attended by Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Khatami, senior defense industry official Colonel Nazarifar, and Iranian electronics industries chief General Shahrokh Shahram.