Anatole Klyosov - The Out of Africa Myth

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Published on Jul 31, 2015

Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov is a US scientist (since 1990) born in the Kaliningrad region of Russia (formerly East Germany) at the end of WWII. He is known for his work in physical chemistry, enzyme catalysis, biomedical sciences, industrial biochemistry, and DNA genealogy studies. In Russia, he held one of the top scientific recognitions, being awarded the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology. Anatole joins us to speak about his research related to debunking the flawed “Out of Africa” theory of human origin. First, he describes his journey as a young scientist in Russia who went on to work abroad as a Professor of Biochemistry at Harvard Medical School. Klyosov explains how he came to be the first person in the early 1980s in the USSR to use the global computer network that later became the Internet. Then, he details the “evidence” widely published in academic journals that led him to investigate the accepted theory of “Mitochondrial Eve.” He relates how this baseless explanation of Anglo European ancestry conveniently placed an apologetic lens on the chronicle of African exploitation and slavery. Anatole defines the multiregional theory of evolution, and distinguishes the two earliest principle races – black Africans and fair skinned Neanderthals. He gives an overview of how races originated, and clarifies how specific DNA mutations are presented and carried throughout many generations of descendants. We discuss the various established dogmas present in the modern study of linguistics and archaeology, and we look at some projections by population geneticists concerning the fate of human biodiversity. We round off the conversation by considering the effects of globalization on human evolution.

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