Kuwaiti Journalist Ahmed Al-Jarallah: I Support Normalization with Israel; Only Peace Can Kill It




Published on Dec 7, 2018

Kuwaiti journalist Ahmed Al-Jarallah, who is the editor-in-chief of the Kuwaiti Al-Seyassah newspaper, said that the Arab world cannot deny Israel's existence and that it should normalize relations and coexist with Israel like the rest of the world. He said that Israel and the Western countries share an ideology while every Arab country has a separate ideology, and that only peace with Israel can "harm or kill it." He said that Israel has stronger allies and a broader reach in the world than the Arabs do, and that occupations are something that "happens." He gave the example of Alexandretta, which he said some claim is Syrian despite it being under Turkish control. Al-Jarallah also said that the Arabs no longer have anything to do with the Palestinian-Israeli issue, and that they must not repeat the mistakes of the failed 1948 invasion of Israel. The interview aired on Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) on November 27, 2018.