Captured Senior ISIS Operative: ISIS Traded Oil with the Syrian Regime, Turks, Russians, and Kurds




Published on Dec 18, 2018

In a series of short interviews posted online by the Nas Media Company (Iraq), captured senior ISIS operative Saddam Al-Jamal said that ISIS had made oil deals with the Syrian regime and with the Russians. He said that ISIS would deliver thousands of tankers full of oil to the Syrian regime, and in exchange the Syrian regime would allow food to enter ISIS territory. He added that before the Kurds conquered Al-Raqqa and cut off the roads to Idlib and Aleppo, the petroleum had gone to Turkey. He said that ISIS also reached deals with the Kurds that involved the stopping of military and intelligence operations in exchange for oil. Al-Jamal had been a brigade commander in the FSA before shifting his allegiance to ISIS, which appointed him commander of Abu Kamal, Syria. He was captured by Iraqi forces in May 2018. The interview was posted online on December 10, 2018.