UK-Based Journalist Abdel-Bari Atwan: America Betrayed the Kurds and Has Been Defeated in Syria




Published on Dec 31, 2019

In a video he posted to his YouTube channel on December 21, 2018, U.K.-based journalist Abdel-Bari Atwan said that the Kurds have been stabbed in the back repeatedly for over 80 years, and that they are only being exploited by the U.S. and Israel. He said that Syria has given them the best treatment and that they should cooperate with their Arab brothers and become Syrians. Atwan said that he fears that America pulled out Syria in order to allow ISIS to regroup and as part of a plan to ultimately attack Iran. He added that he is nonetheless glad that the American enterprise in the region has been defeated by the resistance and that Israel is besieged from all sides by Hizbullah, Hamas, and Syrian and Iranian forces.