My Maid Shows Off Her Origami Skills (How To Make A Swan) Cisnes de toalha




Published on Feb 12, 2012

Want to fold a towel like on the cruise ships? This is the video to watch! If you want to make a swan, bulldog, duck, elephant, turtle or mouse. The art of folding a towel is easy to learn and fun to do. Cisnes de toalha

What a great time to get on YouTube and do some research. I start simple and make a Swan and did what I thought was a good job. No...I thought I did a great job. Now it's time to accost my maid and show her what I thought was unique. Even though she can't speak much English...she grabs some towels off the floor...and like a true Origami expert....she fans the towels out and knocks out a Swan in less than a minute.

This video shows how she makes the swan...perfect timing for Valentines day or just a way to say "I'm thinking about you" when you fold your mates socks. I also included some cartoon thoughts above her head so you could see what she was actually thinking.

If you've never dabbled in some Origami, this is an easy start up animal to get you on your way. Enjoy. Towel folding can add style to any ordinary bathroom.

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