We Warned You Of Mentally Ill "Trans People" And The Escalation Of Violence Back In January


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Published on Mar 29, 2023

Trans Mass-Shooters Think They Are Being Killed And Targeted Because Of Media Lies, They Are Now Killing Heterosexuals', Kids and Burning Down Churches

We warned you about escalating violence from "trans people" back in January of this year. There are at least 2 shootings by "trans people" now that we know of. Nashville Christian School shooter Audrey Hale, before that Q-Club Shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich in Colorado Springs.

There was a church burning in Portland before that (see segment below)

It's clear they are being radicalized by mainstream media rhetoric and authorities who claim that "trans people" are being targeted and killed. They need to stop lying or the media are going to have more blood on their hands as Heterosexuals' are targeted and blamed for something that isn't happening.

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