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Alan Roberts


Published on Nov 6, 2020

#IanSmithFitness #GovernerMurphy

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Governor Murphy has been served with an affidavit informing him of his violations of his office and to the New Jersey State and Federal constitutions. ⁣

Governor Murphy had 10 days to rebut and respond to this affidavit and has not. This affidavit, along with several 100 others have been handed to the Sheriff Golden of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s office. Next week we will be back with 1000’s more. ⁣

Governor Murphy is in direct violation of his oath and must be held responsible for his actions against the liberties of the people of New Jersey. ⁣

We thank the Monmouth County Sheriff’s for their cooperation and request that they uphold their oath to the citizens of New Jersey. We will not back down. Next week we will be in Trenton at the Mercer County superior Court house where Murphy is appearing in another Covid case that has been brought against him. Anyone in New Jersey please show up at 9 AM to show support.