Jordanian Academic Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri: It Is Either Us or the Jews in Palestine




Published on Jul 30, 2019

Jordanian TV host Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri, who is a shari'a professor at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, said in a July 14, 2019 show on Yarmouk TV (Jordan) that the Muslims' conflict with the Jews is an existential conflict. He said that the land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, who he described as its eternal people who have lived there for 7,000 years, and he said that the fact that the Jews "passed through" Palestine for a 70-year period in history is absolutely meaningless. Dr. Shahrouri rejected any accusation of antisemitism or racism, saying that he does not oppose any religion or human being, and he went on to say that he wants to "smash the head" of anybody who claims to be Jewish, who says that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, and who refers to the Wall of the Buraq as the Wailing Wall. He said that those who want to cut a deal with the Jews and to recognize Palestine as the Jewish homeland are losers, and that any Muslim who does not believe that the Jews are the enemies of the Muslims should go join the Jews and the Zionists. Dr. Shahrouri added that Allah gave the Muslims the authority to defend themselves with any force at their disposal when someone "puts a knife to [their] throat."