Former ISIS Member from Syria: They Beheaded People in Front of Us, Forced Us to Fight




Published on Dec 5, 2018

During a November 16, 2018 interview with Al-Hurra TV (U.S.), a former ISIS member from Saraqib, Syria said that he regretted fighting for ISIS. The man, whose name is Ehab, said that they would have killed him if he didn't fight for them and that he stayed with them until he had a chance to escape. He said that ISIS came to Saraqib after the Free Syrian Army left, and that they arrested men by accusing them of collaborating with the enemy. He recounted an incident where ISIS beheaded a shepherd because his flock grazed in regime territory. Ehab said that after being arrested and tortured, he was attached to a group of ISIS fighters who used him as a human shield and threatened to kill him if he didn't shoot where they told him to. He said that he fought for them for 22 days without pay, and that his daily rations consisted of half a loaf of bread and a small bottle of water, which he didn't drink for fear of being drugged. Ehab said that he does not know who he had fought or harmed and that he prays for Allah's forgiveness.