French-Moroccan Journalist, Formerly Of 'Charlie Hebdo': Islam Must Accept Criticism, Abide by Law




Published on Dec 31, 2019

During a December 21, 2018, interview on France 24 Arabic TV, French-Moroccan journalist Zibeb El Rhazoui discussed death threats she received and violent comments that were made about her after she had said on TV that Islam must learn to accept criticism, abide by French law, and reject extremist ideology. El Rhazoui defended her statement, saying that it is perfectly reasonable and that it is shameful that those who attacked her are people from the same background as her who enjoy rights in France that they would not enjoy in Arab countries. She criticized the minority of people who perceive themselves as eternal victims and who use an ideology of death to break the law and harm others. She added: "I hope that they liberated themselves from [their] black ideological cloud... I wish them a happy new year, and may the law be enforced in their case." She also said that she hopes the Islamic world will one day be freed from its ignorance and backwardness and be able to enjoy culture, enlightenment, and prosperity. El Rhazoui was a columnist for the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and was in Morocco when the January 2015 terror attack against the magazine took place.