Dr David Duke Speaks for Peace to 50000 Syrians


David Duke


Published on Apr 30, 2018

DavidDuke.com -- 50,000 Syrians Hear Dr. David Duke Speak for Peace in Damascus.

The speech was made before the Zionist terrorist war was launched in earnnes. It became obvious to me and others that the Zionist State and World Zionist Media was orchestrating a coming war with Syria.

So I wrote some papers about it and made some videos about it which were read by leading Christians in Syria, including the Great Patriarch of the 3 and 1/2 million Christians there.

He invited me to Syria, and when I came there, the Grand Mufti heard of my visit and also invited me for a meeting. He, by the way is moderate who openly opposes Sharia Law and will not tolerate any violence or oppression of the Christian minority in Syria.

In Syria I met with and stayed with many families all over the country. It was a big news Item. Christians and the Moderate Muslims set up a speech for me in the largest public square in Damascus.

They loved my defense of the Syrian people in the West and knew I was one of the most outspoken of Americans on the Zionist menace not only to Syria, but the true interests of Europe and America.

This talk was made before the real fighting began between the Israel and Zionist supporters of the jihadist Saudis and the Syrians.

There is nothing sinister as to why the the video seems somewhat clipped. That is simply because my staff took out the Arabic translation after each of my statements to make the video shorter and more easily shared.

Best to all !

In Your Service!
Dr. David Duke