Radio 3Fourteen - Justin Garcia - The Problem with Rewarding Weakness


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Published on Mar 23, 2015
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Born on the tough streets of the Bronx, Justin Garcia or "MC," as he's called in his martial arts academies is behind The Pressure Project podcast and The Jungle Gym martial arts academy. A graduate of the NYC public school system, he's evolved to despise a few things gov't schooling, excuse making, and the defense of mediocrity amongst them. A married, homeschooling father of three sons and one daughter, MC spends his time lifting weights, arguing with manginas, and embracing his ever-growing role in the creation of a new generation of warriors. Justin is with us to share his wisdom in cultivating masculinity. We begin our discussion by looking at the current trend of passive, non-aggressive, feminized men who are detached from nature and have diminished communication skills. Justin talks about talents and ambitions that are sabotaged by the constant rewarding of weakness and the avoidance of any amount of pressure. He'll touch on competition as a gauge for knowing one is improving, the history of leadership amongst men, and weak egalitarian-minded individuals who are riding the coattails of previous generations. We also get into men who embrace the notions of political correctness, commercialism, and money over family, and explore the true definitions of what it means to be masculine. Then, Justin explains how the lack of men experiencing success and diversity as a tribe is creating a society of men who lack identity and can't differentiate between masculine and feminine roles. We consider feminism's role in destroying feminine virtues that have served women well since the beginning of time, the condemnation of brotherhood, and simulated pseudo-men who do not receive the feedback necessary to maintain their masculinity. We end with Justin's strategies for raising a warrior, boosting testosterone, and finding ways to experience adversity in order to embrace the power it takes to be a man.