The Gibraltar 3 & The Milltown Killings (**If Age-Restricted See Links In Description Below**)


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Published on Sep 4, 2019

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This doc covers the SAS shooting 3 IRA members (Farrell, Savage, McCann) dead in Gibraltar in questionable circumstances. A grenade and gun attack on the funeral for those 3 IRA killed which was carried out by Michael Stone (UDA) that left 3 dead and dozens injured. The following funeral for those killed at Milltown cemetary by Stone days earlier was suddenly interrupted by 2 undercover British soldiers (Howes & Wood) and ended with them both stripped, beaten, then shot dead by the IRA who suspected them of being SAS. To be fair this doc doesn't mention much on the 2 British Corporals so check out 14 Days and The Funeral Murders aswell. This documentary is similar to them albeit from a more Irish nationalist/republican perspective and it came out around 10 years earlier. This doc also includes more info on the Gibraltar 3 and a few other bits of information and footage that isn't in those other documentarys. No idea who made it, but seems to be an Irish republican film marking 20 years since the event.