Published on Dec 22, 2016

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This is the FULL Christmas telethon including tasing, cricket eating, and arm pit waxing. Special guests include Tim Kennedy, Ben Shapiro, Michelle Malkin, Dave Rubin, Andrew Klavan and Gavin McInnes. Watch. Laugh. Subscribe. Merry Christmas.

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Show Guide:
6:15 Tim Kennedy Waiver Sign
18:30 Andrew Klavan
22:23 TASER!
31:00 Favorite Christmas Carols
48:20 Michelle Malkin
50:35 PIT WAX!
1:00:17 Dave Rubin
1:04:09 CRICKET!
1:10:01 Gavin McInnes
1:20:58 Ben Shapiro
1:28:05 WATERBOARD! (feat. Tim Kennedy)

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