While the Sheeple are COVID19 Sequestered, 5G Antenias Are Being Installed, Milan


dr Meno


Published on Mar 20, 2020

I am trying to confirm this video, contacted some friends in Italy.
original posting here,
5g antenna installed in Milan - Italy taking advantage of people's confinement

A translation of the video,
Good morning to everyone from Milan, let's have a look to what they're doing while we're all closed in our houses? OMG, a nice antenna of the G5!
Now we are all closed in the houses, nobody knows, nobody sees.
Yesterday there was the old antenna up above, in fact, I asked myself from home why are they removing the 5G antenna from there? And this morning they placed a new one!
Here it is the new technology that many mayors throughout Italy don't want!

a response from outside of Naples,
Now that nobody sees, nobody hears, they are removing all the trees, they're finishing cutting other trees, that they also brought down grace to geoengineering, with wind storms, with the excuse of the wind that made the trees fall, they removed all the trees.